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This varies greatly depending on breed, lifestyle, how long their hair is kept and how much between visits maintenance the owner is prepared to do at home. However, as a rough guide: short haired dogs should be washed at least once a month while long hair dogs which require clipping should be clipped every 4-6 weeks, with a between clips visit for a ‘wash & tidy’ every 2-3 weeks, to maintain the condition of the coat. No dogs should be washed more than once a week.
Matting is when the undercoat has clumped together. This can happen for numerous reasons, repeated scratching, biting or lack of brushing and grooming to name a few. Matted hair lies next to the skin and begins to soak up moisture. The matted hair becomes tighter and starts to web out similar to a spider’s web. The air can no longer reach the skin once matting is formed and the skin will become irritated and may cause lesions that will be invisible.
We use a PH balanced shampoo that doesn’t dry out the skin and natural oils, which is great for sensitive skin. We also have a flea shampoo that will kill any fleas that are on the dog at time of bathing. If you have your own shampoo and prefer to use it, our staff members will happily comply.
The more handling a puppy gets, the better. Try to brush or comb your pet regularly at home. Stroking, massaging and playing with your puppy’s paws will endear you to your groomer forever as nail clipping is infinitely easier if they are already used to their paws being held and handled.

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