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Dogs have no concept of time and they don’t understand when you leave that you’ll always come back. Whether you’re catching a quick drink with your mates or you’re out for the whole day at work, it feels the same to them. That’s where Perth Dog Kennel can come in handy. Also known as short stay pet sitting, this form of pet daycare allows dogs to have a safe place to play and socialise on a regular basis.

We make sure that all dogs are comfortable, from young energetic pups, through to older dogs as well as those that are unwell or recovering from surgery



Our Residential Dog Training courses are custom made to tailor to the diverse and individual needs of the modern-day dog owner. Your dog comes to stay with us for the duration of the course, whilst we do the hard work for you!

Weather your dog need basic training or boarding at the kennel here in Perth we are the experts for you. Talk to our staff today about dog training while your away on holidays.



All our dog washing start with a brushing to loosen dirt and smooth out any matted fur. Then we move on to the shampoo (wide selection of choice available), nail check and clipped if necessary. We can advise you on nail trimming needs. Your fur babies are then towel dried and blow dried. We take extra care, wiping and cleaning their ears and eyes.



Pet grooming is one of the best ways to take care of your dog’s health. It stimulates blood flow and lymphatic system thus improving the coat condition and having a positive effect on dog’s health. In addition to maintaining their appearance and regular haircuts, grooming ensures that your dog’s fur and skin are clean and free of possible infections and health risks.



We use a special flea treatment that will kill any fleas that are on the dog at time of bathing and we can advise you with products and solutions to kill fleas long term. Each flea on your dog can lay 100’s of eggs that take about 2 weeks to hatch. For every adult flea on your dog there will be 20 in its environment. Flea treatment need to include your dog and where it sleeps and lives Kennel, favourite lounge chair or spot in the family home on your bed or carpet.


For dual coat and large breads, shedding season can be very stressful. Shedding may cause irritants, and cause the dog to scratch, exposing and sometimes damaging skin, causing infections and additional skin irritants. Proper professional dog grooming is the best way to manage these problems. Our De-Shed service helps to eliminate discomfort, removes fur, and improves overall fur and skin health.

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